Land-Type Interrupt

So, I had decided to do another example Forge, this time using the Land generator. I fiddled around a bit, and got a set of terms I felt I could work with. Then I had to restart the browser to install updates… and when the page came back, of course, it had lost them.

This wasn’t a disaster: I had already taken a screenshot and put the Forged terms into OpenOffice for elaboration. But I went and reopened the page anyway, and clicked on LandForge again… and the results were perfect. I had to change nothing adjust nothing; the following are exactly what it gave me. I was so pleased that I scrapped the original and went with these.

Seriously; "Claw Town."

How can Claw Town be anything but the best?

The Frozen Sanctuary is a temple made of ice. Not the temple of an ice demon or anything, though. Just an ordinary temple or cathedral of [insert deity of your choice here] that just happens to be carved out of a single vast wall of ice. Why? Well, aside from the majestic beauty of it all, and the way it showcases the church’s power and wealth, and the fact that sometimes people simply enjoy making ice buildings with bedding and carpets of the purest albino fur (The fur of what? That’s a good question; feel how thick and soft it is; jackets lined with it can also be bought in the vestry.) – well, there’s also the excellent protection it affords against the sky-sharks on foggy nights.

Honey Cut Laboratory is the private, hidden lab of the mad sorceress who came to be called Honey Cut. (Did you think it had something to do with bees? Nope.) It may be where she forges her Blade Golems. Or it may be where she incubated and hatched the third Sky Egg – the third ever known in the world, that is; she only found one – with such cataclysmic results. Certainly she did both of those things after being banished from the king’s service… if only somebody could get in, and see, and return alive to tell us what they found.

The Pyre of Omens is an eternal flame that burns in the high temple of the gentle God of Death. When one of the deceased is cremated in the Pyre, their spirit manifests in the heart of the fire and prophesies to the assembled priests and mourners, revealing truths that they grasped in their dying moments. It is said that if a living being ever enters the Pyre, then the walls between Life and Death will be torn down and everybody on both sides will have a very bad day.

Claw Town is just the best. There are so many possibilities; how do you choose? Is it a community of crab people? Of pirates? Was it named by the leader of a gang of bandits (the Eagle Claws), who has terrible taste and little imagination, protected by Claw Fort, which looms over Claw Pass, and the townspeople seek a hero to chase out the beast that lurks in Claw Ravine? Or perhaps it’s a tiny, perfect replica of a normal human village, flying a banner depicting a tiny pincer? Or just a picturesque collection of stalagmites in one of the great chalky canyons on the moon?

About Confanity

I love the written word more than anything else I've had the chance to work with. I'm back in the States from Japan for grad school, but still studying Japanese with the hope of becoming a translator -- or writer, or even teacher -- as long as it's something language-related.
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