Magic Monday: Finally, a spell!

Sight from Darkness

Three hundred and nine number the words of Ekarmadedgon’s Whisper. Eleven of them, recited slowly, will bend the caster’s eyes: they will catch the light, not of this world, but of its Shadow, and see all things in their true form for so long as the chant lasts. (It can be drawn out to eleven rounds by prolonging each syllable, but during this time the caster is concentrating and can only perform simple actions such as walking.)

Using this spell reveals illusions to be false, discovers the invisible, and discloses the original form of shape-shifters and the penumbrae of supernatural beings. The magician can see enchantments, lines of power, dormant portals, and other lingering magical or spiritual phenomena.

This spell inflicts only one point of strain the first time it is used in a given day. But the second time it inflicts two, and the next, four, and so on, as the mind struggles to assimilate the information it receives. A skilled caster can convert part of the cost (equal to their skill level in the rote) from strain to fatigue , or halve the cost (round up) by increasing the difficulty. Standard difficulty is d6.

– And that’s our first spell! Here’s where we begin the long haul of building up content. At some point I’ll probably come back and do more rules-tweak posts, but for the time being I’m going to focus on providing magic things for magic people to do, with emphasis shifted away from the usual kill-it-with-fire combat focus. In the meantime, please let me know if there’s any important information you feel is missing, or other factors I didn’t take into account.

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