Magic Monday – Introduction to physical magic

Bakihandu Hahd

Hahd techniques are a series of martial physical magics: Physical magic allows the practitioner to harness magical energy internally, affecting their own body, rather than in the more common external applications. The Hahdet were created by the royal family of the Fells, which draws its bodyguards from specially trained members of its adjunct families. This Hahd is one of the first physical magics taught after basic martial training has been completed.

The practitioner spends a round focusing and gathering their energy. In the next round, they gain enormous strength, although this quickly fades away. After the spell has run its course, the rush of adrenaline that accompanied the strength fades as well, and the practitioner is left weak and exhausted from the effort.

The base difficulty of this technique is d4; the difficulty rises two steps if the practitioner wants to perform it as a single action instead of taking a full round, and two steps more to perform it instantly. The practitioner may choose any amount of Strength to gain (up to their skill level in the technique, or double that by increasing the difficulty a step), but the temporary gain decreases back to normal levels at one point per round. When all of the extra strength has gone, the practitioner takes one point of fatigue for each point of Strength gained, and in addition takes one point each of temporary Strength and Dexterity damage due to the strain of working with “overclocked” muscles.

The secret version of this Hahd, known only to the Felsian royal family, is identical except that the strength boost remains high and disappears all at once at the end of the duration rather than fading over time.

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