Magic Monday – Bannme’s Song

Bannme’s Song

Not all magicians consider this to be a spell of any sort. Some consider it a tool for meditation; others, a mere mundane poem long divorced from its historical origins. It is said that anyone capable of dream-travel who has memorized and chanted the Song’s one hundred verses can then unerringly find the way to the City of Glass, but it is unknown whether any further claims of its effects are true. The most fantastic tale regarding this song is that the Doom of Namil (the destruction of the city Namil at the climax of the Left-Hand War many centuries ago) was a result of one hundred magi singing Bannme’s Song as a complex fugue. The same stories claim that the chorus was destroyed by its own performance, however, and many scholars place the responsibility for the city’s fall on powerful weather-magic.

This one lacks explicit game mechanics and has a distinctive feel; I’m including it here, and intend to include it in YAOSC. Its function is one part flavor, one part inspiration, and one part respite from the complicated technical language that game mechanics tend to fall into. It’s also an explicitly vague tool for GMs to use, and could easily see use in a campaign, especially one that deals with the Dreamlands.

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