A yojijukugo for spiders?


Literally: side / bystander – eye – eight – eye

Alternately: People observing something from outside can understand it better than those directly involved. An objective viewpoint gives the best grasp of a situation.

Notes: This phrase comes from the game of Go, in which it is said that observers (傍目) watching a game can see how it will progress eight moves ahead of what the players can figure out (where each move involves placing a stone on an “eye” of the board, hence 八目).

Media: There weren’t a lot of visual media that illustrated this particularly well, so please just enjoy this eponymous video by “Team 3”:

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2 Responses to A yojijukugo for spiders?

  1. locksleyu says:

    I don’t think there is supposed to be an “n” in “hachin” (:

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