Magic Monday – For a world before refrigeration

Mark of Purity (Mark of the Renewer)

This spell requires a box or similar container. Food or drink is placed inside the container, which is sealed, and finally the Mark is placed or written on the outside in a ceremony dedicated to the Renewer. The container must remain until the Mark fades away, after which its contents will have been purified of all disease, harmful fungus, poison, and other contaminants. Note that this will not restore rotted food to its original condition; it will merely stop the deterioration and remove poison.

It is said that initiates into the deeper mysteries of the Renewer’s faith have access to variants of this ritual that can remove impurity from objects other than food or drink.

The base difficulty is d4. For each meal’s worth of food or drink to be purified, the ritual costs one point of fatigue or strain, and the container must be sealed for one hour – so purifying food plus drink for one meal for one person would take two hours and two points of fatigue or strain. Increasing the difficulty by one step can halve the time or the cost.

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