Magic Monday – What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Feast of the Corrupter

This is a slow, insidious enchantment that was responsible for much distrust of the magically-skilled, before the rise of the Slakiv Empire and the Order of Magi. Yet the promise of functional immortality is considered so great an enticement that only a few agents of the Order are even entrusted with knowledge of its existence.

The magician must prepare a series of meals, using certain herbs and salts in the process and investing part of their life force into the result. When the result is fed to the target, their resistance is weakened, until eventually they become an unknowing receptacle for a portion of the magician’s spirit. After this point, if the magician ever dies, then their spirit reunifies itself in the thrall’s body. The host’s own spirit is ejected, as if they had died in the magician’s stead.

The base difficulty of the food-ritual is d10; the cost each time is d4 each of harm, strain, and fatigue. Each time they consume the meal (at most once per day), the victim loses one point of their Corruption save. When it reaches zero, they must begin making Corruption saves at increasing difficulty (d2 the first time, d3 the next, and so on) until they fail, at which point the spell is complete.

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