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Dread Seal

It is said that the creatures of the Twilight realm fear iron and will not touch it. This spell is the enchantment behind that belief, laid upon an iron seal of disturbing shape. The caster must weave the enchantment for a day and bathe the seal in the blood of a fae creature. Thereafter, no faerie will willingly come within the same space as the Seal, and will become nervous when nearby. Such creatures will not take a path that the Seal guards, nor will they approach a person wearing it, nor will their magic have any effect in its presence. (Clever ones may still find ways around its protection, and often do so specifically to attack the bearer.) Any fae creature that touches the iron will be harmed; forcing extended contact between one and the Dread Seal will break them both.

The grueling ritual required to forge the Dread Seal fills the strain and fatigue meters, causing the caster to break down temporarily, when it is complete. The stresses also permanently cost a point of Strength. The base difficulty is d12; this can be raised by a step to decrease the cost in strain or fatigue by a point.

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