Magic Monday – A spell for finding Nemo?

Old Salt Song

This song, or chant, is an example of hedge-magic: a ritual, or slow-cast spell, primarily preserved and practiced by common folk rather than academics or specialists. Every fishing village or port town along the coast of the Budov Sea has at least one family whose job is to sail out with the boats and sing this song, because its effect is to attract fish. Order scholars have studied it, of course, and noted that there are regional variants with more or less pronounced effects on various forms of sea life, but the basic effect is universal.

The base difficulty of this spell is d4, and the base cost is one fatigue per hour. (Various other checks may be required to sing successfully over long periods or in rough seas.) Although the exact effects depend on local availability of fish, in general fish will gather in the area. Skill checks to catch fish gain a +1 bonus if the song is sung for at least an hour, +2 if it is sung for about half the day, and +3 if it is sung all day long.

[Ernie is a master wizard]

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