Magic Monday – Seeing the unseen; smelling the unsmelled

Wizard Eyes (Submerge in Wind)

It is said that the most powerful and skilled of magicians have senses that surpass those of normal men and women. And this is true, to a degree: any good practitioner of magic will train their ability to notice details and subtle distinctions that most people overlook, and develop a feel for the flow and flavor of magic in an area as well. However, the extent of reputation for keen perception is largely based on this spell. Developed by the Sage of Blue Tower from the northern rock country known as the Tal, this magic is thought to involve allowing one’s conscious mind to approach one’s Shadow self, and take that self’s senses into account while making one’s observations of the material world. Would-be magi should beware, though: without training, maintaining this contact for too long leads quickly to madness. Magi of the Order almost exclusively augment their sight, and use a version of this spell (which they named “Wizard Eyes”) that changes the user’s eye color in dramatic ways.

In practical terms, this spell adds the caster’s skill score in Sixth Sense to their score in some other perception skill. The base difficulty is d8, and the base cost is one strain per task, assuming it lasts for less than about a minute. (This length can be doubled, increasing the difficulty by a step for each doubling.) Extended tasks cost two strain for the second time unit, three for the third, and so on.


Stanky old wizard eyes!

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