Magic Monday – God-eaters – Monkey

(Master Monkey, Lord Monkey, Emperor Monkey, His Eminence the Monkey, The Grand Old Monkey, etc. etc.)

Description: Monkey is a gray-furred, red-faced macaque of the type commonly seen lounging about in the shade in the summer, or in warm mineral springs in the winter – except for the large opalescent gem embedded in his forehead. He can speak out loud in human tongues, and does so at every opportunity, even though it distorts his face horribly and he rarely has anything of real substance to say. Monkey is an irrational braggart and liar who pursues nothing but his own needs and whims from moment to moment. Those who please him will be showered with inordinate gifts and uncomfortably off-target praise. Those who displease him will be verbally abused or physically tormented. Despite having the attention span of a small child, he never forgets a grudge. He responds well to obsequious flattery and can be manipulated easily, but he will betray even his most pampered “pet” at a moment’s notice or casually try to rewrite history despite the most glaring proof.

Monkey has no fixed home, tending to wander across mountain and valley alike in the search for more hedonistic pleasures and distractions. He leaves a trail of negative emotions, filth, and destruction in his wake.

Worshipers: Yes. Many villages in his path have elaborate rituals to avert his wrath while also subtly encouraging him to move on as quickly as possible, so shrines and altars with his image are surprisingly common. Most people categorize Monkey as an evil trickster god, but for whatever reason, some worship or even seek to emulate him. They will not hesitate to stoop to crimes such as murder if they feel it will curry his favor.

Servitors: Yes. Monkey is a coward, and makes sure he is always surrounded by as large a crowd of monkeys (and human worshipers) as possible. The former often seem uncomfortable about his presence and behavior, but he can compel them to do as he wishes, and will sacrifice as many of them as it takes to keep himself safe and amused.

Confrontation: As long as he feels confident, Monkey will follow his enemies, harassing them with everything he can think of until his ire (or his target’s entertainment value) is spent, or until something else distracts him. The moment he feels threatened, he will attempt to flee, commanding any followers present to protect him and hinder his attackers however possible. In either case, there’s a lot of screaming. He has a rudimentary psychic defense, but its only effect is to heighten negative emotions nearby, making every battle into a loathsome orgy of fear- and rage-driven violence.

The entirety of Monkey’s power comes from the gem in his forehead. It gives him command over other monkeys, and converts the psychic energy of his servitors and worshipers into power that grants him rapid healing (one harm removed per round while resting), immunity to disease, and other components of effective immortality. Without the gem he is nothing, and parting them would destroy them both.

Aspect: Mercury; madness; improvisation. Those present at defeat may boost Reflex or Shock save, or Dexterity. Any points beyond the first are traded for corresponding losses in Corruption or Psychic saves, or any mental stat, respectively.

Powers – Tier 1: The character gains a trickster god’s luck as long as they act impulsively. In any scene where the character obeys their fear or anger or malice, and pursues immediate gratification, they get a +1 bonus to all rolls… but each round spent on an action with a payoff that isn’t immediate costs one strain.

Powers – Tier 2: The character may lie smoothly and undetectably, automatically winning any challenges involved in lying, bluffing, or otherwise saying something untrue. Their Tier 1 power bonus increases to +2.

Powers – Tier 3: A character who has lost more than half of their Humanity gains a strong intuition to protect and serve one’s self. The character can tell what is the best of any selection of things in their presence: the sweetest fruit, the fittest mate, the fuzziest slippers. Note that this ability operates based on simple physical characteristics: it cannot reveal the fruit most conducive to long-term health, or the wisest adviser for a given task.

Powers – Other: The character gains a vague intuition about monkeys, and in a few minutes of conversation may communicate gists and general feelings through a combination of vocal inflection and body language. Occasionally this communication may occur quickly, such as when the message is “DANGER!”

Example Checks: Anyone who has absorbed part of Monkey’s essence becomes more self-centered and whimsical, and must check Humanity to avoid lying in serious situations or attempting to steal the spotlight when someone else is the center of attention. Naturally, the more inappropriate this would be, the greater the check difficulty.

Notes: There is no other god that Monkey doesn’t hate and fear. There are no humans whom Monkey doesn’t hate, fear, or look down on. Even his warmest affections with other monkeys are framed in terms of what benefit they provide him.


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* May not actually be a guy

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