Magic Monday – God-eaters – The Wolf-Mother

The Wolf-Mother
(Moro, The Full-Moon Mother, The Huntress)

Description: Moro is a huge white wolf the size of a large horse or small elephant. Despite her mass and color, she is a surprisingly stealthy hunter. She and her family live in a craggy area near the ancient array of standing stones known as the Wolf Fane, but she claims the role of protector of all wolves in the region. The Wolf-Mother is a creature of strong passions, but also of cunning and of the wisdom that comes from long and hard experience. If she has a voice that isn’t a throaty growl or howl, no human has ever heard it.

Worshipers: No. Moro would be happier never having to deal with another human. She hates them all, but avoids conflict because she recognizes that opening hostilities would only doom her people, and perhaps large swaths of the forest population, to genocide.

Servitors: Yes. While they aren’t “servitors” in the sense of being under her control, all wolves in the region respect Moro. Even those who dislike her personally will tend to answer her requests, follow her advice, and fight together with her against outside forces. Dogs, who view her as a particularly overwhelming primal deity, will refuse to act against her and will abandon or even turn against a party that attacks her.

Confrontation: Moro tends to avoid humans when possible, preferring to gather intelligence on those in her territory from as great a distance as possible. She does this both through other animals, in return for various debts or favors, and by direct observation from chosen vantage points. If forced or goaded into battle (she does have a bit of a temper, and doesn’t respond well to threats) she is a brilliant tactician and fearsome combatant, albeit one who has never had to develop long-term strategies. Moro tends to favor hit-and-run tactics that strike at an opponent’s weaknesses. If she is killed, the rest of her pack will hunt the killers until one side or the other is dead.

Aspect: Tungsten; speed; ferocity. Those present at defeat may boost Dexterity, Stamina, and Reflex save, and put two points each into combat and Perception skills.

Powers – Tier 1: The character gains +1 to every Perception skill and to one combat skill, and may take a point of fatigue to take one extra action in a given round.

Powers – Tier 2: The character gains night-vision and may take any number of extra actions in a round, although each costs one more points of fatigue than the previous. Their Stamina and Health meters both increase by one. Their face becomes leaner, their canines more pronounced, their eyes turn yellow or red, and their hair will begin to whiten prematurely. They may add one more skill point to a combat and a perception skill.

Powers – Tier 3: The character grows fiercer and more determined They may spend a point of stability each round to ignore all ongoing emotional and physiological effects such as fear or pain. They may add one more skill point to a combat and a perception skill.

Powers – Other: The essence of the Wolf-Mother makes the character an object of awe and veneration for all lesser canines; dogs will obey them unquestioningly. The character also gains +4 to all social rolls made with wolves, and -4 to all social rolls made with wargs.

Example Checks: Anyone who has absorbed part of Moro’s essence must check Humanity (difficulty d20) in order to harm any wolf or dog. They must also check (d10) to refrain from attacking an enemy who shows weakness, or any warg on sight. Finally, if hearing wolves howling, they must check (d6) to avoid answering.

Notes: Moro will minimize contact with humans, but has been known to deal with or even adopt people who renounce their humanity and become honorary animals. (This costs an actual point of Humanity in addition to the need to perform some quest or favor for a sponsoring animal-god.) Naturally, she and her people are mortal enemies of the wargs.


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