What we could all use a little more of


Literally: harmony – spirit / mood – harmonize / flourishing – harmonize / flourishing

Alternately: Full of serenity and stillness. Overflowing with tranquility. Congenial. People getting along well together.

Notes: 和気 is a feeling of harmony; 藹藹 is the state of being calm, of having a quiet mind. The latter half can be written with the doubling sign, as 藹々, or replaced with 藹然 (aizen), “hovering like mist or clouds,” “gentle,” “calm.” However, replacing it with 愛愛 is an error.


Sometimes you’re required to achieve 和気藹藹 before they let you out of the meeting? Harmonious business talks seemed to be a common theme in image search results.

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I love the written word more than anything else I've had the chance to work with. I'm back in the States from Japan for grad school, but still studying Japanese with the hope of becoming a translator -- or writer, or even teacher -- as long as it's something language-related.
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