Magic Monday – The Ultimate Duck Whistle

Call Beast

Some beings are so powerful that merely invoking their names is enough to draw their attention. Most of the time this attention is brief and inconsequential, but many beings can be enticed to appear physically by appropriate ceremonies or promises. While this is rarely recommended, some magicians are desperate, arrogant, or even well-prepared enough to call one. Knowing this simple spell means knowing the basic mechanics of calling a legendary beast or minor deity… the specifics of what most appeals to each and how to negotiate with them if and when they arrive are another matter entirely. Anything capable of noticing its name being used will also be well-equipped to enforce its will on the situation after it has arrived, and few such creatures or gods are automatically friendly to humanity.

Each specific being has its own Call Beast spell. The base difficulty is d8 and the base cost, a single point of strain, but these may vary depending on the specific entity being summoned. (Many Calls will also have unique requirements, such as a full moon, solstice, a particular location, gifts or sacrifices, and so on.) The caster may choose perform a harder version of the spell, because each degree of success achieved on the casting will decrease the difficulty of any checks dealing with the creature after it has arrived, such as making the proper sorts of offers in negotiation or casting other spells to contain and control it.

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