Magic Monday – Physical magic – I’m’a cut you!



Hamonnoah Hahd (Embladen; Spirit Sword; Psiblade)

Physical adepts of the Fells often fight bare-handed, and when resorting to weapons they often fight with sticks instead of metal weapons. That doesn’t mean they can’t cut things when they need to, though; this technique allows the practitioner to extend their personal energy into an object and surround parts of it with an aura of “sharpness.” In Felsian hands, a mere twig may be as dangerous as a dagger, a stick like a sword, or a staff like a spear. While that much is widely known through tales, it often comes as a surprise when a high-ranking adept reveals that almost anything can be embladened, and the surprise is often fatal.

The base difficulty of this technique is d6, and the base cost depends on the size of the tool being embladened: one strain for hand or smaller; two for arm; three for chest, and so on. The sharpness may be turned on and off at will, but as long as the technique is maintained, all the practitioner’s rolls have their difficulty increased by a step. Any material hard enough to take an edge normally, such as many woods, can be embladened relatively easily, an edge can be added to almost anything. Soft objects may be embladened by increasing the difficulty and cost by one each, and even amorphous non-object substances such as bread dough can be empowered, albeit through a two-step difficulty increase and doubled costs. Royal practitioners learn the secret of embladening parts of their own bodies, although this adds a cost of harm according to the size: one point for a finger-sized part, two for hand-sized, and so on.

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