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Literally: wide – evening – big – sunset

Alternately: This is a phrase used to express great sadness and lamentation after someone’s death.

Notes: Both 広宵 and 大暮 express the idea of night that stretches out forever in every direction. Combined them and you get an unbearable night-time that seems it will never end no matter how far you go or how long you wait.

Note that this compound apparently comes to us from the Wen Xuan (『文選』, in Japanese Monzen ), a 2500-year-old anthology of Chinese poetry and literature, and is not currently in common use.


Not a lot of results for 広宵大暮, but 大暮維人 (a.k.a. Oogure Ito, a.k.a. “Oh! great“, is a manga artist’s pen name)

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