Glance after equally-loving glance

No piquing, though


Literally: one – look – same – benevolence

Alternately: Feeling equal affection for all, without prejudice or discrimination. Universal love, without consideration for rank, caste, or any of the other distinctions that normally divide us.

Notes: The order of the halves may be switched to give 同仁一視, or 同 may be replaced with 之 (no, equivalent to the associative particle の).

This expression comes to us from the writings of our good friend Han Yu (韓愈, Kan Yu), from an essay titled 原人 (Genjin, “Primitive Man”).


So… recording artist Gackt wrote a play called Moon Saga 義経秘伝 and an accompanying two-volume soundtrack in which each track seems to have been named after a yojijukugo. “一視同仁 – Brotherhood” is the title of track 12, volume 2. This all kind of strikes me as absolutely insane.

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