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(Taigan no kaji; “Fire on the far shore”)


Somebody Else’s Problem. Something that doesn’t impact you in any way; “No skin off my nose.” Like a fire seen from the opposite shore of a body of water, from which the viewer is completely safe.


This simple idiomatic noun phrase connects two compound nouns using the associative particle の (no). The primary noun is 火事 (kaji) “fire” (in the sense of a thing burning that shouldn’t, not an intentional flame like a campfire or cooking fire), and the dependant noun that modifies the fire is 対岸, (taigan), “opposite shore.”


This saying also has several variations, such as 川向こうの火事 (kawa mukou no kaji), “a fire on the other side of a river.” Some variants replace the fire with 喧嘩 (kenka), “fight” or “argument.” A closer variant simply replaces 火事 with synonym 火災 (kasai).

Example sentence:


(“Kono yo no arayuru hito・mono・goto wa tsunagatteiru yue ni, shin no imi de no taigan no kaji to ieru joukyou wa nakarou.”)

[“All things, and all people, in this world are connected; therefore, there cannot in any true sense be a fire too far away to burn you.”]

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