Magic Monday – Now you smell it?

Phantasm (Impose Dream; Inception; Hallucination)

In contrast to the Painter’s Spell, which crafts an image for all to see, this spell summons a minor daydream and compels it to implant a full sensory experience into the mind of a single target. As such, the victim builds the illusion for themselves, subconsciously using whatever makes the most sense to them and defending it against disbelief using normal intuitive dream-logic. It can affect even the blind or the unconscious as long as they have senses and dreams. Targets who do not dream are unaffected, however, and experience with lucid dreaming can provide a reasonable defense.

This spell has a base cost of four per target, and lasts for the length of a scene. It can be extended by paying another four per target each hour. The caster chooses the difficulty of the spell (by choosing how potent a dream-spirit to wrangle); each target may resist its effects through either a Psychic save or Concentration check against the same difficulty.

(My apologies for the tardiness; this “Magic Monday” post is going up a little after midnight)

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