Magic Monday – Asëa Aranion

Hero’s Sleep (Knit Flesh Bind Bone)

Natural healing is slow and uncertain; this herbal magic accelerates the process dramatically, which in turn reduces the chances of infection or atrophy. The patient must drink an infusion of herbal medicine, after which they fall into a deep sleep from which they cannot fully wake until healed. The process goes most smoothly when the magician remains nearby, tending the patient and guiding the process with subtle and sometimes unconscious applications of magic. A skilled healer can also draw out and cure poisons and disease.

The difficulty of the magic itself is a mere d4, increased by one step for each additional patient being treated at a time. This is accompanied by a Medicine or Lore: Herbalism check for each patient with a difficulty of d8 – or the next die size larger than the number of HP to be healed, or the difficulty rating of any poison or disease to be cured, whichever is highest. This spell has a cost of one to prepare the infusion plus one per patient per hour; these costs cannot be reduced by increasing the difficulty. Attempting to meditate while also tending to the patients is possible, but increases the difficulty of the Concentration check by one step per patient.

Those under the effect of a Hero’s Sleep remain completely insensate to the world for a number of hours equal to the cumulative sum of the number of HP they needed to heal: one hour for one point, three hours for two points, six hours for three, and so on. A poison or disease adds a number of hours equal to the result from rolling its difficulty rating. A Sleep that isn’t tended and guided takes twice as long. Upon waking, the patient is hungry, light-headed, and somehow “loose” in the body, operating with their Str score and Endurance meter effectively halved for a span of time equal to the time they spent sleeping, after which their usual levels of vigor rapidly return.

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