Magic Monday: AI Magic 2

Week 2: Unnatural nature

Why would you, the discerning magician, be satisfied with normal plants and animals when you could make things weird?

Conjure Bark

You enclose yourself, or somebody you touch, in a magical semblance of a tree, which takes on a size, species, and character matching those of the person so enchanted. The one enclosed can see, hear, smell, and sense temperature in their area, and the magic supports them as if they were a tree until they choose to move, at which point the bark disappears completely. Some believe that remaining within the bark for long enough will change you into a tree in truth, albeit one that bleeds when cut.

Plant of Peace

For this long-term enchantment you nurture a plant of almost any type with frequent attention, feeding it with words of support and encouragement. When it blooms, any who come close enough to smell the flowers’ scent is drained of all hostility and desire for violence or conflict; when it bears fruit, all who partake while resting beneath it will see all of their wounds, fatigue, and trauma melt away overnight. Cutting out and consuming the heart-root will kill the plant, but cures the patient of all poison and disease.

Charm of the Cods

You craft a charm of wood seasoned with fish oil. Whosoever bears this charm will find fish of that type drawn to them and made docile, as if out of the deepest affection. Useful to fisher-folk; perplexing to anyone finding themselves plied with piscine pals on an arid plain or mountain peak.

Conjure Mare

You summon an ordinary, healthy horse from somewhere; it responds to commands and other stimuli as normal. The horse is always female. Any who eat the flesh of this horse will be plagued by terrifying, or in extreme cases lethal, horse-related dreams.

Date Wards

You bless a number of fresh dates during a harvest ritual, associating each individual fruit with the name of a specific disease or malicious spirit. Anyone carrying that fruit on their person will be untouched by whatever was named for as long as the date remains fresh and unspoiled. If dried, the dates provide a normal amount of nutrition.

Curse Clam

Meditating on an unprovoked injustice that was visited on you or someone close, you invoke a certain undersea spirit and dive for a clam. If the spirit takes your case the clam will contain a single deep-red pearl, which you must openly present to the offender. The pearl will thereafter follow them, appearing in odd places at odd times no matter what they do for the next year. If within that time they do as much as possible to correct the injustice, the pearl will turn black and become an ordinary gem; if they do not, it will turn into a dull ball of chalky white and they will die. Willingly sleeping with the pearl at hand will give them dream-visions of what must be done to expiate the curse.

Darkworm Colt

You summon something that has more or less the shape of a horse, and more or less acts like a horse, but is clearly not composed of anything like an actual horse. It can be called at any time or place that is at least as dark as dusk, and remains until exposed to sunlight or released from service. It is best to dismiss this beast before it becomes hungry.

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I love the written word more than anything else I've had the chance to work with. I'm back in the States from Japan for grad school, but still studying Japanese with the hope of becoming a translator -- or writer, or even teacher -- as long as it's something language-related.
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