Crane your neck to look at the clouds


Literally: leisure – cloud – field – crane (bird)

Alternately: A relaxed, hermit-like lifestyle in a natural setting, far from worldly cares and social intrigues. The pleasant side of isolation.

Notes: This is another compound of compounds. 閑雲 is exactly what it sounds like: a carefree cloud floating in the sky. And 野鶴 is a crane playing in a field.

This comes to us from the early 18th century CE Chinese poetry anthology Quan Tangshi (Japanese 『全唐詩』 = Zen Toushi) – or from a collection of stories or essays based on the poems? – apparently discussing the lifestyle of someone who has retired from public life to take Buddhist vows.

kanunyakaku 560 days

From the website of a project of the same name to… photograph Nendoroid dolls enjoying nature?

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