Touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and touch and go


Literally: nine – die – one – live

Alternately: To somehow survive a very seriously dangerous situation. To be alive after escaping a 90% chance of dying.

Notes: This comes to us from the Chu Ci, aka the Songs of Chu (Japanese 『楚辞』 = So ji), an extensive and influential poetic anthology attributed, at least in part, to the Warring States period.

This compound may be expanded into a whole phrase as 九死に一生を得る (kyuushi ni isshou wo eru), “to receive one life out of nine deaths.” There are also a surprising number of variants, such as 死一生 (juu shi isshou), which changes the chance of death from 9 to 10. Beyond that, though, we find 死一生 (ban shi isshou), replacing 9 with 10,000, or the quirky 生 (ban shi kyuu shou), respectively replacing 9 and 1 with 10,000 and… 9.

I see he opted for female-style battle armor

I’m going to just assume that this is how the Japanese media portray Joseph R Biden

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