Not a problem if you’re Solo?

(Yes, that’s a source text / Star Wars joke.)


Literally: faction – same – strike / punish – different

Alternately: Blind partisanship. Supporting one’s associates and attacking one’s rivals without any regard for what is actually correct or proper.

Notes: This phrase comes to us from our friend, the Book of the Later Han (Japanese 『後漢書』 = Gokanjo). It also has a more Japanese-style reading based on kanbun rules, 同じきに党がり異なるを伐つ (Onajiki ni muragari kotonaru wo utsu). Its parts may also be rearranged to give 党同伐異 (toudou ibatsu) or 伐異党同 (batsui toudou).

It's scary how some people idolize Sparta, which was an authoritarian slave state in which the rich elites literally had license to murder the peasantry at will.

When a threat is felt, impartiality often takes a back seat compared to closing ranks and bristling up.

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