From sea to shining sea to another sea to yet another sea

Earning an A+, though, not a C


Literally: ocean – inside – not – pair

Alternately: Top-ranked in the nation, or in the world. Without peer.

Notes: This compound comes from our friend, the ancient poetic anthology Wen Xuan (Japanese 『文選』, Monzen). And it’s important to keep in mind that 内 here is not given its more-common reading of nai here; only the Tang-style reading dai is correct. (Cf. 境内 keidai). Compare and contrast the temporal, rather than spatial, span of 古今無双.

This is a compound of compounds. 海内 refers to “within the four seas,” e.g. throughout the entire land, or by extension, in the whole world. 無双 refers to something that is “without compare.”

Sushi mandala

Apparently this arrangement is a 四海巻き, a “four seas roll.”

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