The bread and butter of foreign affairs

As long as it doesn’t devolve into something like the Butter Battle Book?


Literally: inside – government – dry / ebb / interfere – ford [a river] / involve

Alternately: Interference in another country’s government or domestic politics. Interventionism.

Notes: This is a compound of compounds. (干渉, “interference,” also shows up in physics as “wave interference.”) As such, the two halves are separable and “non-interventionism” does exactly that, inserting the negating 不 (fu) to give 内政干渉.

Human-rights abuses are the PRC's bread and butter

From a news story about a US-Japan summit in March 2021; the two countries expressed concerns over China’s behavior. The Chinese government got defensive and declared that this was 内政干渉. Video

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