The preferred state of Mucha


Literally: nothing – self – dream – middle / inside

Alternately: Utterly absorbed in something; a state of deep concentration or focus. This is usually positive, but it can be negative, as in losing oneself in something; losing control and failing to pay attention to the rest of the world.

Notes: Apparently some people carelessly write 夢我 for muga or 無中 for muchuu; naturally, these are errors. Replacing 夢中 with 無心 (mushin), a Buddhist term for being “free from obstructive thoughts,” though, produces a synonymous phrase. There are a number of other synonyms as well, including 一心不乱 (isshin furan), literally “single-minded, without disorder.”

This is a compound of compounds. 夢中 (“entranced,” “dreaming”) may be encountered on its own somewhat commonly, but 無我 (“self-effacement”) is more obscure and more strongly connected to a Buddhist idea that even individual souls do not truly exist.

It’s a bit of a surprise that I hadn’t done this compound yet; it’s one of the more well-known yojijukugo, and all the characters have formally been taught by the end of elementary school..

Not actually the best thing to focus on....

The name of an izakaya in Takechiho City, Miyazaki, Japan – one of three in Kyushu, it seems.

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