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The wascal of small minds

株を守りて兎を待つ (Kabu wo mamorite usagi wo matsu; “Watching a stump, awaiting a rabbit”) Definition: Being unable to advance because one is fruitlessly invested in old habits or customs, or in a strategy that was successful once but no longer applies. … Continue reading

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The disaster’s antecedent

蟻の穴から堤も崩れる (Ari no ana kara tsutsumi mo kuzureru; “Even a dike crumbles due to an ant’s burrow”) Definition: Big events can arise from small causes. Specifically, even errors, negligence, or lack of attention or preparation that didn’t seem important at … Continue reading

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Exceeding fines

信賞必罰 shin.shou.hitsu.batsu Literally: fidelity – prize/reward – inevitable – punishment Alternately: Sure reward and certain punishment. Strict, unfailing, and proper apportionment of just deserts, both boons and banes. Notes: This phrase comes to us from the Han Feizi (the『韓非子』= Japanese … Continue reading

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