I enjoy writing, language study, and world-building, and this is where I get to indulge freely in these interests.   Here you can find my fiction, poetry, and nonfiction; details about the fantasy world(s) I am building and RPG campaigns that I run in them; rules for running those campaigns, and potentially useful terms from my Japanese study. I hope you find something that interests, amuses, informs, or entertains you!

The site header illustration is by the whimsically talented Ryan Armand.

5 Responses to About

  1. O.T. Meier says:

    Found your page after researching 珍紛漢紛. Love your explanation and love to explore the Japanese language. Thanks for your input and stimulus..

  2. kysuriuri says:

    Hey, awesome website. I’m a little over a year into studying Japanese pretty intensively. I love learning about Yojijukugo. I really like your interpretations on them and you’ve identified some really cool ones. Thanks for sharing, and cheers!

  3. locksleyu says:

    Thanks again for maintaining this great blog! After thinking about it for what feels like years, I finally decided to write up a little review of your blog.

    Blog review: Landofnudotcom (landofnu.com)


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