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…Whatever that means. 捧腹絶倒 hou.fuku.ze-.ttou Literally: lift up – belly – sever – fall Alternately: Something is incredibly funny. Laughing so hard that one needs to hold one’s sides to avoid hurting oneself. Notes: Replacing 捧 with homophone 抱 (“to … Continue reading

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Why did you do it? Why? It was agreed. We all hated him. The professor and I had to play rock-paper-scissors to determine the privilege. You see, whenever the professor had to pause in a sentence to search for a … Continue reading

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Magic Monday: AI Magic 4

Week 4: Tools of War Many say that the best magicians are those with a wide repertoire of spells that allow them to control a situation without any need for violence. But many also say that the longest-lived magicians are … Continue reading

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Elbow grease begins at home

Be nice to your neighbor, and you’ll attract better neighbors? 先ず隗より始めよ (Mazu Kai yori hajimeyo; “First, start with Guo Wei”) Definition: When starting a large, ambitious undertaking, it’s best to begin with what’s close at hand. By extension, it can … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Bookworm book

Philliden’s Walking Knowledge This is a heavy book of uncountable vellum pages in a sturdy leather cover. Each page contains a wall of text and illustrations that crowd into the margins, detailing accumulated knowledge in a given field. The Walking … Continue reading

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How much tongue?

舌先三寸 shita.saki.san.zun Literally: tongue – before/tip – three – sun (pronounced like “soon”; a unit of measurement approximately equal to 1.19 in. or 3.03 cm) Alternately: Glib lies. Deceptive eloquence or flattery. The ability to control or influence people with … Continue reading

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