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Fly me home, country winds

越鳥南枝に巣くい、胡馬北風に嘶く (Ecchou nanshi ni sukui, koba hokufuu ni inanaku; “The bird from Yue builds its nest in southern branches; the horse from Hu neighs at the northern wind”) Definition: An expression of homesickness or nostalgia. A southern bird living in … Continue reading

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I met a traveller from an antique land

朝顔の花一時 (Asagao no hana hitotoki; “The morning glory flower, a single moment”) Definition: Something’s peak or prime only lasts for a short time. Decline and entropy are all too easy. Like the morning glory flower that blooms at dawn and … Continue reading

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We need to make our own light

Contact your representatives! 広宵大暮 kou.shou.tai.bo Literally: wide – evening – big – sunset Alternately: This is a phrase used to express great sadness and lamentation after someone’s death. Notes: Both 広宵 and 大暮 express the idea of night that stretches … Continue reading

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