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You can lead a horse to sutras

縁なき衆生は度し難し (En naki shujou wa do shigatashi; “It’s hard for the Buddha to save those who do not know the Buddha”) Definition: People who don’t heed advice or warnings are very hard to help. Salvation is difficult for those who … Continue reading

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We meet again, Mr. Bond

怨憎会苦 on.zou.e.ku Literally: resentment – hate – meet – suffering Alternately: The pain of coming face-to-face with someone you detest, or at least dislike. This is another one of the “eight sufferings” of 四苦八苦. Notes: While I’d have thought that … Continue reading

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Like an agate in the rough?

Or gold, silver, seashell, pearl, carnelian… 瑠璃も玻璃も照らせば光る (Ruri mo hari mo teraseba hikaru; “Lapis and quartz both shine if illuminated”) Definition: People of good character or exceptional ability will stand out and reveal their worth no matter where they go … Continue reading

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