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The audacity of crime

盗人猛猛しい (Nusubito takedakeshii; “An impudent thief”) Definition: Remaining calm and self-assured even when doing something wrong. Alternately, when you get caught doing something wrong, acting defiant or even becoming aggressive toward the person who caught you, instead of being properly … Continue reading

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Brandy Bundt, meet your match

盗人上戸 nusu.bito.jou.go Literally: steal – person – up – door Alternately: Someone who likes both alcohol and sweets. Alternately, someone who doesn’t show any outward signs even after consuming a large quantity of alcohol. Notes: The first pair of characters … Continue reading

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On malicious napping

盗人の昼寝 (Nusubito no hirune; “A thief’s midday nap”) Definition: Even if an activity seems purposeless, it can still have a specific reason and purpose. Someone napping in the middle of the day may seem random, but for a thief the … Continue reading

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