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Pets, utensils, and maybe even people!

猫も杓子も (Neko mo shakushi mo; “Even cats and serving-spoons”) Definition: Everyone and everything. “All that and the kitchen sink.” “Everyone and their brother.” Everything at hand, thrown together in a jumble without distinction. I get the impression that this phrase … Continue reading

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The audacity of crime

盗人猛猛しい (Nusubito takedakeshii; “An impudent thief”) Definition: Remaining calm and self-assured even when doing something wrong. Alternately, when you get caught doing something wrong, acting defiant or even becoming aggressive toward the person who caught you, instead of being properly … Continue reading

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Like those dreams where you’re running

不即不離 fu.soku.fu.ri Literally: non – instant/agree/conform – non – separate Alternately: At just the right distance, often mentally rather than physically. Neither approaching nor getting further away. Not loving nor hating; neutral; noncommittal; ambivalent. Notes: This four-character compound can be … Continue reading

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Another thought on toddler cognitive development

The kid has started categorizing the world and associating properties with those categories. He has also started learning the names of things. Examples: He will see a dog, and say “Dah!” He will hear a dog bark, and say “Dah!” … Continue reading

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