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All times as one, and now

夷険一節 i.ken.i-.ssetsu Literally: barbarian/flatten* – steep/dangerous – one – joint/section/occasion Alternately: You should stand firm to your principles regardless of whether things are calm and easy, or dangerous and hard. Don’t sell out your values, no matter the circumstances. Notes: … Continue reading

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In which a biographer is like a taxidermist

Maybe an Uberdermist, these days. 虎は死して皮を留め人は死して名を残す (Tora wa shi shite kawa wo todome hito wa shi shite na wo nokosu; “A tiger dies and leaves a skin, a person dies and leaves a name”) Definition: Live well. Live so that … Continue reading

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A Meta-Mechanic

The Slakiv investigation into the Sons of Du Van Ku continues apace.  But that doesn’t stop the approaching series of adventures in Fair Vickelt; rather, it hastens their approach. It should be noted that those who ply their trade in … Continue reading

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