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What you don’t know CAN kill you

夏虫疑氷 ka.chuu.gi.hyou Literally: summer – insect – doubt – ice Alternately: A person of extremely limited experience, knowledge, and discernment. Someone ignorant, doubtful, or distrustful of everything that falls outside of their own (meager) personal experience. Like an insect that … Continue reading

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The problem with oboes

葦の髄から天井を覗く (Yoshi no zui kara tenjou wo nozoku; “To peer at the ceiling through a reed.”) Definition: Forming opinions and making decisions on a topic based on one’s narrow views and pre-formed beliefs rather than any sort of breadth or … Continue reading

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Teach them the “bite test,” perhaps

芋の煮えたも御存じない (Imo no nieta mo gozonji nai; “Doesn’t even know whether a potato is boiled”) Definition: This phrase describes someone from such an overprotective, sheltered existence that they can’t even tell whether a potato is raw or boiled. Potatoes are … Continue reading

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