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Does it flip when you’re old?

少年老い易く学成り難し (Shounen oiyasuku gaku narigatashi; “For a youth to age is easy, and to become a scholar is hard”) Definition: People should study hard when they’re young, because time is precious and fleeting. When you’re young you feel like you … Continue reading

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A learning mechanic for YAOSC

Some readers may remember that I’ve got my own “fantasy heartbreaker” tabletop RPG system perpetually on the back burner, whimsically titled YAOSC (Yet Another Old-School Clone). The basic design elements for most action resolution are: Roll equal to or under your … Continue reading

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Baby steps to victory!

Another thing to keep in mind as we make resolutions and head into the new year. 一日一字を学べば三百六十字 (Ichinichi ichiji wo manabeba sanbyakurokujuuji; “If you learn one character a day, three hundred sixty characters”) Definition: If you study just a little … Continue reading

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My way *is* the highway

学問に王道無し (Gakumon ni oudou nashi; “There is no royal road in learning”) Definition: There is no easy way, no quick fix or magic bullet, for mastering a field of study. You need to acquire information and mental tools, incorporate them … Continue reading

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Standing on the shoulders of giants to see far

A yojijukugo for going back to school. 温故知新 on.ko.chi.shin Literally: warm – reason/cause/therefore – know – new Alternately: Learning from the past. Gaining new knowledge or wisdom through (thorough) study of the past. Moving forward with new ideas, based on … Continue reading

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