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Magic Monday: Undoing

Unlike Necropraxis, I’m not building this system on a base of Vancian magic, in which (even without spell levels) each bit of magic is like a bullet that you load, fire, and are left without. So while the post linked … Continue reading

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Magic Monday: governed by skills

One of the funkiest tasks in making a fantasy game has got to be the magic system. Rules for travel, combat, and any number of other mundane tasks can be modeled on real-world data, as in Justin Alexander’s famed breakdown … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – opening thoughts

So my current “fantasy heartbreaker” is YAOSC. As a grad student with a baby, I don’t have time to do more than take it out and putter around with it a little every now and then. But recently* this post at … Continue reading

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A How for Pow (RPG magic)

What would you give up for magical powers? Your health? Your physical strength or speed? Your sanity? Your ability to connect with the people around you? Here’s an idea for an alternate, relatively system-neutral rule for magic in RPGs. The … Continue reading

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Tweaking magic

Last time was a grab-bag of ideas, but the main one that drove me to post was the idea of Devotions. I like the idea of (myths and game settings that feature) human-like gods, with moods and whimsy, and the … Continue reading

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