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None are so lost as those who will not stop being lost

, Darryl 迷者不問 mei.sha.fu.mon Literally: lost – person – non – ask Alternately: “The (truly) lost are those who do not ask (the way).” An admonition to ask questions when there’s something you don’t understand. If you get lost – … Continue reading

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Toddler Cognitive Development: And then the questions began.

(Note: Because we’re working on raising the kid Japanese/English bilingual, pretty much all my conversations with him these days are about 99% in Japanese. I render everything below in English for simplicity’s sake.) So the kid’s thing, recently, has been … Continue reading

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Questions about high school, dux and redux

Here’s a list of questions about one’s high school days that I saw on Facebook recently. For the sake of being completionist, I’ve answered them, but the real meat of my response is below. 1. Did you know your spouse? … Continue reading

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Why call it “ten questions and a bonus” instead of “eleven questions”? Is our number of fingers really that important? Also, to be honest, I’d switch #s 10 and 11.

So I recently ran across a list of questions for DMs to answer about their RPG settings and/or house rules. By “ran across” I mean “read here;” please note also the link to his source. I kind of feel like … Continue reading

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