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Pull your sheep, a good life to keep

牽羊悔亡 ken.you.kai.bou Literally: pull / lead – sheep – regret – perish Alternately: You’ll be unhappy unless you take an active part in shaping things. If you see something through properly instead of just letting it run its natural course, … Continue reading

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How many grets before they start repeating?

千恨万悔 sen.kon.ban.kai Literally: thousand – regret / resentment – ten thousand – regret / repentance Alternately: Overwhelming feelings of regret about the past. Notes: Some versions may not use 万, but rather the archaic form of the same character, 萬. … Continue reading

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I never look back, darling

It distracts from the now. 後悔先に立たず (Koukai saki ni tatazu; “Don’t put regret in front.”) Definition: An admonition: Don’t regret things that are over and done. Don’t spend time ruing something that can no longer be changed. “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” … Continue reading

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