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YAOSC: Time to build some magic

Background Recently I’ve been putting renewed thought into my fantasy heartbreaker RPG; in this case, the long-deferred question of how the magic system will actually work. My Magic Monday series has ended up as a sort of catch-all for fantasy RPG … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – YAOSC Character Creation

As long as at least one member of your group (the GM) knows the rules of YAOSC and is able to guide the rest of you in play, all you need to do is create a character and you should be … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – YAOSC Skill Rules

Skill use basics YAOSC, like all RPGs, is based on talking: the players describe what they want their characters to do and how they want them to do it, and the GM  describes the results. When there’s doubt about whether … Continue reading

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It’s just a mallet Gotye used to know?

It’s like falling off a bicycle: you never forget how 昔取った杵柄 (Mukashi totta kinedzuka; “The handle of a mallet that one used to use”) Definition: Abilities and skills gained in one’s youth. By extension, such skills that one has managed … Continue reading

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A learning mechanic for YAOSC

Some readers may remember that I’ve got my own “fantasy heartbreaker” tabletop RPG system perpetually on the back burner, whimsically titled YAOSC (Yet Another Old-School Clone). The basic design elements for most action resolution are: Roll equal to or under your … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Seeing the unseen; smelling the unsmelled

Wizard Eyes (Submerge in Wind) It is said that the most powerful and skilled of magicians have senses that surpass those of normal men and women. And this is true, to a degree: any good practitioner of magic will train … Continue reading

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Magic Monday: governed by skills

One of the funkiest tasks in making a fantasy game has got to be the magic system. Rules for travel, combat, and any number of other mundane tasks can be modeled on real-world data, as in Justin Alexander’s famed breakdown … Continue reading

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