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Much travel makes the boatman hoarse

The American version: 車車車車 南船北馬 nan.sen.hoku.ba Literally: south – boat – north – horse Alternately: Going from one place to the next without stop or rest. Always on the go. Wandering restlessly, or traveling busily. Notes: This compound comes to … Continue reading

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Scrape it off, scrape it off, woah-oah

旅の恥は掻き捨て (Tabi no haji wa kakisute; “Cast off shame while traveling.”) Definition: When you’re away from home, nobody knows you and so it’s easy to do things that you would have found unthinkable (or at least undoable) in more familiar … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Bigger than baby steps

Small Steps (Unseen Travel; Shadow Travel) This odd but versatile spell involves repeated physical entry and exit into and from the Shadow (the spiritual reflection of the material plane). It reduces the difficulty and stresses of this passage by making … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Moving Monday, Travel Tuesday

(My apologies for the late post! We’ve spent the last couple of days moving to a new residence – only about a hundred miles away, which is relatively close by American standards, but still a complex undertaking – and I … Continue reading

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