What is YAOSC?

YAOSC is Yet Another Old School Clone, my tongue-in-cheek working title for a tabletop RPG, loosely (and decreasingly) based on the framework laid by forty-plus years of D&D. Although slow to coalesce, enough of it exists – scattered around in various documents and posts, or just in my head – that I’m feeling stirrings of the desire to flesh it out enough to play. A number of posts on the topic already exist in the Land of Nu, and more should be forthcoming. This page will act as a table of contents, for ease of access and in order to present ideas in a marginally rational order. Expect the material linked here to increase at intervals, and eventually for an edited and updated version to appear in PDF format.

I’ll let the rest explain itself.

  1. Introduction: A few definitions and the basics of dice-rolling.
  2. Scaling: How the game organizes space and time.
  3. Skills: The underlying system for action resolution.
  4. Character creation: From zero to hero in about eight easy steps.
  5. XP awards: How you learn.
  6. Combat: How you fight. Goes with the territory, in an RPG.

More additions:

  • Pseudo-mathematical thoughts on how the magic system (and skills in general) should be scaled and powered here.

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