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Actual Cannibal Actual Play

Before you read further, please stop and take a few minutes to watch this video. The song and the amazing stage production that accompany it are lots of fun on their own, of course. But did you know that you … Continue reading

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NYT bump for D&D

So this happened in the New York Times. One thought: I’m obviously a fan of D&D, and I agree that the whole subculture surrounding it is immensely good for fostering and encouraging creativity. It’s nice to see one of your … Continue reading

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History Online – An experiment in playing Microscope on the internet

Introduction: Microscope is a social game which I should probably write a more thorough review of at some point. For the time being, let’s say it’s a group storytelling/improv-acting game that I’m entirely in love with. The more literature-nerdy you … Continue reading

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