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We have to try!

Puffer-fish lined up (Boy, if you got that one, massive points. You win.) (出ん出らりゅうば出て来るばってん 出ん出られんけん出て来んけん 来ん来られんけん来られられんけん 来ん来ん; “If it’s the case that if it tries to come out then it will be able to come, then it will come out, … Continue reading

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Ah, spring

…When love shoots you with arrows of ruination? 落花流水 ra-.kka.ryuu.sui Literally: fall / drop – flower – flow – water Alternately: Today’s yojijukugo is interesting because it has a series of seemingly unrelated meanings. The image invoked is of falling … Continue reading

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Tubular wiles

(A sharp-eyed reader has alerted me that yesterday’s yojijukugo is a repeat from last August! This is pretty embarrassing, but it also gives us an interesting glimpse into my writing process through the similarities and differences between the two posts. I’ll leave it … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – Hiatus announcement

So my computer’s been dying, slowly, for a while now. Little bits of damage accumulating, tasks taking slightly longer to complete. On Saturday morning it was slow to boot up. On Saturday during the day I scheduled two kotowaza and one yojijukugo … Continue reading

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Just lettin’ things flow

I just now realized that today is Monday. Ironically, while I managed to maintain my posting schedule rigorously even during the end-of-semester crunch, as soon as summer vacation starts I find myself losing track of time. Please accept my apologies, … Continue reading

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A touchy situation?

PLEASE DISREGARD YESTERDAY’S POST. Well, actually, please go on regarding it, but with the knowledge that it was a blatant lie in celebration of April Fools’ Day. Sorry! Here’s a real yojijukugo for the week: 一触即発 i-.sshoku.soku.hatsu Literally: one – touch … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – opening thoughts

So my current “fantasy heartbreaker” is YAOSC. As a grad student with a baby, I don’t have time to do more than take it out and putter around with it a little every now and then. But recently* this post at … Continue reading

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Test Post

Apparently there was a hiccup in the system and WordPress lost contact with Facebook. This post is just to check and see if I’ve got that straightened out again. Ping!

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Hello world! I’d been planning to post weekly in the Four Realms theme, but computer problems are currently making that impossible, unfortunately. I mean, I’m posting this note from a display model iPad in a store. Please bear with me; … Continue reading

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RPG system-building: Statement of Intent

In my very first post on this blog, I mentioned that I was – like many people in the hobby – working on my own gaming system.  And like many creative projects by many people who have yet to be … Continue reading

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