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Challenge Accepted: The Museum Experience

Once again I’ve found inspiration in a passing comment on someone’s blog; in this case the source is a list of movies the writer found inspiring (for their tabletop RPG play), and the comment is in response to Indiana Jones and … Continue reading

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Campaign idea: Medusa’s Vault

I was talking with some gaming friends the other day and we got onto the topic of people being turned to stone (e.g. by a Medusa-type monster) and then back again (e.g. by a Stone to Flesh type spell). We agreed … Continue reading

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Campaign Idea: The Worst Year

Inspired by this Reddit post. For best effect, keep a record or campaign journal… but keep it hidden from the players. (At least until it’s all over.) Start a campaign normally in the late summer or autumn, but in a relatively … Continue reading

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Just the right number of cooks?

三人寄れば文殊の知恵 (Sannin yoreba Monju no chie; “If three people gather, the wisdom of Manjusri”) Definition: Two (or more!) heads are better than one. When ordinary people consider an issue together as a group, they can produce more great ideas than … Continue reading

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Things to do with “spell slots”

A while back I read and commented on a post at Ten Foot Polemic. Mr. Young had an interesting idea about allowing clerics to create “talismans” (I keep on feeling like the plural should be “talismen,” but that’s silly) to … Continue reading

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Magic Monday – opening thoughts

So my current “fantasy heartbreaker” is YAOSC. As a grad student with a baby, I don’t have time to do more than take it out and putter around with it a little every now and then. But recently* this post at … Continue reading

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Fiddling with XP, part 2: Something old, something new

Previously I rambled for a while about XP systems, and how my ideal would be granular and world-associated – i.e. the way it works makes sense from an in-world perspective as well as a meta, mechanical one. Assuming a D&D-style … Continue reading

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