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Challenge Accepted: The Museum Experience

Once again I’ve found inspiration in a passing comment on someone’s blog; in this case the source is a list of movies the writer found inspiring (for their tabletop RPG play), and the comment is in response to Indiana Jones and … Continue reading

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Someone who can see through the shell game

亀の甲より年の劫 (Kame no kou yori toshi no kou; “Better the wisdom of years than a tortoise-shell”) Definition: Pun time! Japanese is actually full of puns, and here’s one that made it into a kotowaza. The phrase itself means that one … Continue reading

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I learn by going where I have to go

習うより慣れよ (Narau yori nareyo; “Experience over learning”) Definition: It’s easier to acquire knowledge or learn a skill by practicing it firsthand than through simply being taught. Hands-on study beats abstract learning methods like lectures or book-reading. Breakdown: We have two … Continue reading

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A post a long time in the making

海千山千 umi.sen.yama.sen Literally: ocean – thousand – mountain – thousand Alternately: The pinnacle of cunning. A sly old fox. Someone who, though long experience, has developed an almost-unbeatable level of cleverness. Notes: First, keep in mind that this is about … Continue reading

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Four Realms: The Complete Experience

  Preamble In some ways the heart of role-playing games is that they are success-and-improvement simulators. (There are other hearts, of course, so RPGs are similar in that way to how certain dinosaurs are said to have been, but let’s … Continue reading

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