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Hitting the Wong target by accident?

That title feels extra obscure even though I totally explain it below. Weird. 草を打って蛇を驚かす (Kusa wo utte hebi wo odorokasu; “Strike the grass, surprise a snake”) Definition: An innocent or unthinking action that draws unintended, usually bad, consequences. Like idly … Continue reading

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A post a long time in the making

海千山千 umi.sen.yama.sen Literally: ocean – thousand – mountain – thousand Alternately: The pinnacle of cunning. A sly old fox. Someone who, though long experience, has developed an almost-unbeatable level of cleverness. Notes: First, keep in mind that this is about … Continue reading

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Who knows Snake Road?

蛇の道は蛇 (Ja no michi wa hebi; “Snakes [know] the snakes’ road”) Definition: People who belong to a certain group are the ones who know the most about the ways of that group. Specialists understand other specialists in their field better … Continue reading

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