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The good coyote?

(Or this one.) 権謀術数 ken.bou.ju-.ssuu Literally: authority – scheme – technique – number Alternately: A plan or strategy to fool people. Wiles; trickery; Machiavellianism. Notes: Apparently this compound comes to us from Zhu Xi’s (朱熹) The Great Learning (大学).

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Tubular wiles

(A sharp-eyed reader has alerted me that yesterday’s yojijukugo is a repeat from last August! This is pretty embarrassing, but it also gives us an interesting glimpse into my writing process through the similarities and differences between the two posts. I’ll leave it … Continue reading

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Refusing to bite the hand that feeds you bait

その手は桑名の焼き蛤 (Sono te wa Kuwana no yaki-hamaguri; “That trick won’t work!”) Definition: This one is a pun! It has a serious meaning, saying that someone’s strategy or trickery (often verbal) isn’t going to succeed (usually against the speaker). But where … Continue reading

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