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A warning

Or a simple observation of facts on the ground? 無理が通れば道理引っ込む (Muri ga tooreba douri hikkomu; “When unreason pushes through, reason withdraws”) Definition: In a society where irrational force carries the day, reasonable thinking breaks down – and justice does as … Continue reading

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Do what I say, not what I say

朝令暮改 chou.rei.bo.kai Literally: morning – command – evening – reform / change Alternately: An unstable situation where it’s never clear what the rules are or what they’re going to be, because they’re being changed so frequently. Laws or decrees being … Continue reading

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The danger of mouth-sweat

綸言汗の如し (Ringen ase no gotoshi; “Imperial words are like sweat.”) Definition: Words, like sweat, cannot be put back where they came from. Once a ruler has issued a command or decree, it cannot be changed or undone. Implicit in this … Continue reading

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